of one

We bring the birth to ordinary things with extraordinary story.

Why another cup?

There are thousands things all around the world, but only a few to which you can build a personal relationship.

Food is not a question of survival…

and dining is not a necessity, but part of the lifestyle. Everyday use objects should look better and have a character.

Tradition and present.

We invite young designers to a common table and dust-off the Czech tradition of porcelain, glass, crystal, and other materials, to which we give a contemporary face.

#onetablo, many stories…

See how the TABLO lives.

TABLO is not anonymous…

For each of the products you find on our Tabla someone's face. Check out who is behind your favorite things, and what is their story.

Pavel KopřivaKarolína KopřivováJiří NovotnýŠtěpán Skalský