Iva Š. Tattermuschová

Once you do something, do it properly.


How would you describe what you do?
Sometimes I ask myself this question – what am I doing and why? Rather, I think of what I don’t want to do. I do not want clogging up the world with unnecessary things, there are already enough. Also, I try to follow a simple motto: Once I do something, I do it properly. It does not matter if we are talking about work or play (if possible combination of both).

What is design for you?
Something like a surgical instrument. In good hands, it can save a lot, correct or improve. Far more than aesthetic surgery. On site there are also social and moral issues.

How did you get to work with TABLO?
I am a co-founder. With Jiri Novotny, we decided to establish TABLO when we met each other on the project – at that time I was the third year ran my own design shop.

What personality infuences you?
No specific, I think. Generally, people which I can appreciate something, whether for creativity, morality, political opinion, life attitude… always such with a healthy mind. When someone or something is too radical, I escape.

What book do you have on the bedside table?
Lately, I have little time for reading, and I’m sorry. I have more books beside my bed. Either I already started to read, or it is a kind of eternal declaration of what I would like to read. I started to read Art and / or Design? edited by Annett Zinsmeister. Generally, I am interested in anthologies and theoretical texts on design. I’ve got something by Martina Pachmanová and look forward to Vaclav Hajek’s – How to Recognize a Wastebasket. I’m working through the pile of magazines like Wallpaper, Designo, FlashArt… also catalogs of exhibitions and fairs in Milan and London. Highly recommend book, which is no longer on my bedside table is by Stanislav Komarek – Upside Down, essays on nature and society.

What was your favorite school subject?
It used to be influenced by teachers. So, beside arts that I like generally, were subjects that are not necessarily related to what excel in. For example, in the first grade, it was mathematics (we got a young Mr. teacher :-). Languages are otherwise what I enjoy, even rather in the field. From highschool I remember silkscreen, lithography and all things associated with fascinating techniques. Famous wow feeling is also connected with waiting for the result of firing pottery in the kiln.

The journey of your dreams?
Again Canada’s north, British Columbia.

+ question for Iva:
_You are busy with organizing of company producing particular dining design, but in the past you’ve devoted a lot of organizing events and exhibitions related to the artistic achievements. Don’t you miss it?
TABLO requires me for things that are associated with the production and management. Besides that, I’m an assistant in Ceramic Design Studio at the Faculty of Art and Design. I still inclinate to cooperate with artists, but the relation had transformed. Anyway, I look forward to new collaborations, product development located on the border between art and design, as well as an exhibition activities._

Iva Š. Tattermuschová’s work:



material: porcelain
volume: 600 ml
diameter: 170 mm
height: 70 m