Jiří Novotný

Around the world, at least one round.


How would you describe what you do?
As an endless search, entertainment and fight.

What is design for you?

How did you get to work with TABLO?
It resulted from the circumstances, it was the only way for us to tighten some of the projects and how to get things done… so we established TABLO.

What personality influences you?
Those, who can do something to inspire me.

What book do you have on the bedside table?
Kamilka and teddy bear Misha.

What was your favorite school subject?
The tubule from Versatilka pencil :-)

Journey of your dreams?
Around the world, at least one round.

+ question for Jiří:
A lover of fast driving, but your motorbike goes on the trip rarely. How so?
More worries, less pleasures increased :-) I’ll take that as a temporary pause.

Jiří Novotný’s work:



material: lead-free crystal
glass volume: 250 ml
carafe volume: 850 ml
carafe height: 230 mm



material: pyrex
glass volume: 300 ml
jug volume: 850 ml
jug diameter: 95 mm
jug height: 200 mm



materials: porcelain, crystal, wood
espresso cup: 60 ml
lungo cup: 130 ml
capuccino cup: 160 ml
tea cup: 300 ml



cup volume: 180 ml
bowl diameter: 120 mm
plate diameter: 210 mm