Like a girl with red lips.


Authors: Štěpán Skalský, Iva Š. Tattermuschová, Antonín Tomášek

Štěpán SkalskýIva Š. TattermuschováAntonín Tomášek

New REDesign mutation of the bowl is made by Antonín Tomášek. Iva Š. Tattermuschová and Štěpán Skalský have designed this bowl with characteristical “diamond stem” as a central object of the SUPER-BOWL project.

The bowl is designed to be as useful as possible. Thanks to it’s universal volume is suitable for various dishes, such as favorite Pho soup, porridge, salads, morning granola or fruit. The bowl itself is very archetypal and basic, just the stem reminds you that you are holding something like a personal treasure.

The editions of SUPER-BOWL started 2011 – each presents a new team 
of about ten artists, who have designed the print, of which each was created in a limited edition of 30 signed 
pieces in 2012 and 2013 (in 2011 was 15).

SUPER-BOWL project obtained the nominations of Designblok Editors Award 2011, Czech Grand Design 2011, Czech Grand Design 2012 and have been selected to participate in international exhibitions and fairs in Milan,
Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Berlin, ect..

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photo: Marek Štim, Michal Ureš

material: porcelain
volume: 600 ml
diameter: 170 mm
height: 70 m